A little story about costume jewellery ( Bijouterie)

Jewels are made of precious materials like precious hand cut stones and noble metals like gold and silver.

But now let’s talk about the joyful and fun world of costume jewellery.

The word bijouterie comes from the French word and which means jewel. Its use emerged as an alternative to expensive jewellery and had a great prominence in fashion.

Gabrielle Coco Chanel the famous french fashion designer was the pioneer in 1924 to popularize the use of costume jewellery with an expensive jewel face. Because she believed that what was more valuable was the aesthetic value given to the piece and not the commercial value.

But the term costume jewellery was used  first in around the year 1930s when Hollywood stars preferred to wear imitations than precious jewellery. 

This kind of body adornment has always been used since antiquity in several countries around the world and in different tribes, they were a sign of high position.

Costume Jewellery is made of different materials such as acrylic, metal, fabric and even paper. Many designers work to give a special final result with bold designs.

Costume jewellery today follows fashion trends are more accessible to the public.

It was in the 60s that costume jewellery became more popular, marking a generation and representing a movement.

Where people liked to experiment and wanted to feel free from imposed rules.

The costume jewellery represented rebellion and varied from psychedelic to romantic.

With music, art, cinema, and political movements, all these changes in habits, reflected visibly in clothes and consequently in colorful costume jewellery of geometric shapes and exuberant.

Then came the 70s, with hippies in search of peace and love, they produced their jewellery for festivals and to follow their life in search of total freedom.

In the 1980s everything was large and bold, from hairstyles to shoulder pads. To match those bold fashion trends, costume jewellery was also large, bright, and distinctive. This year will forever be remembered as a decade where exaggeration and ostentation were registered trademarks.

In the early 90s reflected grunge styles, velvet black chokers, leather cuffs, safety pin bracelets, Gothic crosses, and oversized studs. The fashion of the 90s positioned itself as an opposition to the excessive aesthetics of the 80s.

From the middle of the decade on, consumers slowed investment in purchases, and the interest in haute couture dissolved. Straight lines, unique color, and large but elegant costume jewellery. It is minimalism time.

From these historic and important times, costume jewellery became popular.

Today, costume jewellery follows fashion trends and is signed by renowned stylists.

Discover your style, taking into consideration your clothes and tastes as a reference. But fashion is something to explore, have fun, and dare.

And the brand Drica Dias is here to help you choose and assemble your ideal outfit and costume jewellery with so many options of styles found here.

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