“The purpose of art is to embody the

secret essence of things, not to copy their appearance” – Drica

Passionate about fashion, arts and travel, Brazilian designer Adriana Dias decided to create her brand, Drica Dias, in 2010.

With a degree in Fashion Business from the University of São Paulo, she has worked as a stylist for numerous Brazilian brands.

Having lived and worked in Italy for more than 18 years, Drica felt she needed to create something new and authorial. With this dream in mind, she decided to broaden her knowledge, through a Jewellery course.

After this course, Drica chose to work with different materials to give them a new life, and her first creations were realized.

A versatile artist, Drica has also worked as an embroidery designer in an Italian Fashion Atelier, creating embroidery for luxury brands.

Nowadays, in addition to her collections for her brand Drica Dias, she also creates exclusive textile prints.


“All artistic expressions are linked and this is how I show my world”

About the products

Drica Dias is a brand of “artistic jewellery”.


Drica uses her artistic background to create exclusive and innovative items.


From an initial inspiration, a project is carried out to find the most suitable colours and materials. All pieces are 100% handmade.


The Drica Dias collections are divided by themes. In each of them, you will find a story to be explored, as well as different colours, unusual shapes and a mixture of materials. Discover each collection and enjoy this artistic journey.


“I prefer not to follow fashion trends as I work in a conceptual and artistic way. I can say that my inspiration comes from the soul ”