How to choose the right necklace for your neckline.

Enya Necklace - JOY Collection

Off Shoulders

Values the neck and shoulders  giving a certain sensuality. It can be used with a short necklace but the long one is the best . It can be  with a beautiful pendent to lengthen the figure giving greater balance to the ensemble.


This kind of neckline leaves a good parte of the neck and chest  in evidence. So you can use different types of necklaces and really match with different lengths. The most suitable it is the shortest or a choker to fill the uncovered all the neck.

Sara Necklace - Cordas Collection

V Neck

For this neckline  the larger the V neckline the larger is the pendent to create proportion, which is what you want.

The necklace should end above your neckline . In this case a princess and geometric pendents is very nice with this . You can creates the same V shape with triangular shape.

Necklace Thyna - Joy Collection


This can be used in winter (with long sleeves) or in summer (with short sleeves). Two types of necklace look great with this. The long necklace because it lengthens the silhoette and takes the seriousness off the neck completely closed. Another option is the shorter necklace , following the blouse stitching.

Mariah Necklace - Iara Collection
Junya Necklace - Highlight Collection

Shirt Collared

If you wear an open shirt , choose a short  necklace but one that does not exceed the last  closed button or you can choose a length too. Or if you prefer to use the shirt fully closed , choose a shorter and triangular shaped necklace that follows the curvature of the collar.

See Drica Dias Collection